Junior Champion of Gibraltar, Young Hope 2018

Junior Champion of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Iberia, Puppy Porto Winner 2018, Azores Baby Winner 2017, Young Hope ’17, Junior Promise ’18, , MultiBIS Junior placements, 2*BIS Baby

TOP Dog of Portugal 2016 & 2017, BOB CRUFT’S 2017
International Champion, Grand Champion of Portugal, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion of England, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Morocco, Ukraine, Iberica, Porto Winner 2016 & 2017, Lisbon Winner 2016 & 2017, Azores Winner 2017,BOB & BOG’16, Multi BOG and BIS Winner, BISS 2016 (Montluçon)

Champion of Portugal, Gibraltar, Junior Champion of Portugal , Junior Champion of Iberica, Young Hope 14’15, Mediterranean Puppy Winner ’15, PortoPuppy Winner ’15,BIS #3 Baby, 2 *BIS Puppy

Dog Of The Year ’12, BOB CRUFT’S 2012
Mediterranean Winner ’15, BOB & BOG ’09’11’12’13’14
#5 TOP Dogs Of Portugal ’13, #6 TOP Dogs of Portugal ’14
Champion of Gibraltar, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Ukraine, Ukrainian Kennel Union, Iberica, International ,Grand champion of Portugal, Veteran Champion of Portugal, Gibraltar, Multi BIS Winner, Multi BIS Veteran Winner
Young Hope ’08’09, Junior Promise ’09, Puppy Porto Winner ’09, Porto Winner ’10’12’13’14, Lisbon Winner ’09’11’12’13, Veteran Lisbon Winner ’16 ,Veteran Porto Winner ’17

Young Hope ’09, Junior Promise ’10, BOB, BOG ’10

Junior Champion of Gibraltar, Champion of Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, International Champion