– Our Story –


It has started from one small dream.

My story has started with 2 Samoyeds: White and Moon. I got White in 1997 here in Portugal and it was my first own dog. Three years later I dicided to look in Spain for a girl (Moon) with a better type/temperament/health. I wanted to try the dog shows and since then nothing stopped me.

In 2003 I was in the process of getting a puppy from UK, I fell in love with those lines. And so I picked Midas in the mid/end of that year from the famous Roybridge kennel. And when I was old enough to start showing here in Portugal, at 6 months old, that’s when the real fun at dog shows begun.

When I was searching for a really good quality Samoyed I did it first for my own pleasure and because of their beauty, temperaments and good health. Later I thought I could contribute to better the breed in this country which was lost by that time. And then decided to get a puppy girl from the top kennel – Zamoyski. And so when Midas was arround a year and a half I went to pick Cilla in Edinburgh. By that time I was completely addicted to dog shows and since then I try to allways do my best for this breed. But my main goal is to give our dogs the best quality of life possible and to enjoy them as family companions first.

I hope to continue learning all the time and improving the breeds in order to be the nearest as possible to perfection in temperament, health, tipicity along with beauty and allways trying to keep in mind the origins of both breeds and what they were made for.