Final results of the year 2017

gugy best dog1


The official results were published at kennel club and it’s time to say how was this year for us!
It was pretty successful year with a lot of great moments! Something what we will remember always!


Second year in a row G’UCTA became BEST DOG OS THE YEAR ALL BREEDS! and this year he made record in points all story of portuguese ranking!





His daughter JOY is following in parents pawssteps and became BEST PUPPY OF THE YEAR ALL BREEDS!!! She is also in TOP 5 BEST JUNIOR ALL BREEDS just with few dog shows made in junior class!








Special place in our report takes CHARLEEN becoming second year in a row EUROPEAN WINNER and making story together with G’ucta just during summer time getting new and such prestegious tittle for us like English Champions!!! Also the moment of pride was to win second time BOB at Cruft’s and this year it was for G’ucta!





This year also at Samspring we got brand new tittles: Junior Champion of Portugal for Savanna and Toffee, Junior Champion of Gibraltar for Joy, Champion of Portugal for Enzo and Savanna, International Champion for Dakota and Veteran Champion of Portugal for Val.

It was difficult and full of trips year but when you look back it was worth it!


Dream big -work hard.

We would like to say big THANK YOU to judges which appreciated quality of our dogs and to friends which always support us!