National and International Dog Show Alto Minho



The weekend was more than successful for us!

* National Dog Show Do Alto Minho

breed judge Salvatore Tripoli

Leon Killer – BOB baby, was shortlisted in final
Frank – Best Junior male and was shortlisted in final
Val – Best veteran, BOS, BIS Veteran under Joao Bessa
Charleen – BOB, BOG under Anatoli Zhuk, BEST IN SHOW 3 under Gerard Cox


* International Dog Show do Alto Minho

breed judge Anatoli Zhuk

Leon Killer – BOB Baby
Frank Best Junior male, 2nd BEST IN SHOW Junior males under Laura Cox
Charleen – BOS
Val – Best Veteran, BOB, BOG under Francisco Salvador Janeiro, BEST IN SHOW under Anatoli Zhuk and SUPREME BEST IN SHOW “Best of the Best” under Salvatore Tripoli
Thank you to judges for such high opinion of our dogs and thank you to friends for great help and support!